For general info and inquiries call Sam Katz (828) 782-3334. For weddings and events call Richard Barrett (404) 580-7645


Sam Katz – Owner / Talent Buyer / Marketing & Promotions altamont-sam

Sam was born and raised just outside of Boston, in Newton, Massachusetts, and has worked in the music business for the last 15 years.  He moved to Asheville in January 2008 to tour manage a band called Laura Reed & Deep Pocket.  He crisscrossed the country in a sprinter van with those wonderful people, moved to Atlanta with them, and when the band broke up in 2009, he moved back to Asheville where he became Talent Buyer of a little spot called Mo Daddy’s.  Soon Mo Daddy’s was the most popular place in town and it wasn’t long before Sam and two partners opened up a couple venues of their own. Sam was a key member of the group responsible for opening and operating both Asheville Music Hall and The One Stop Deli & Bar.  His former promotion company, Geniass Productions, was the exclusive talent buyer of both for the first 2 and 1/2 years of their existence, bringing hundreds of shows and musicians of all categories from all over the world to Asheville.

In mid 2013, Sam disbanded Geniass Productions and formed Charlie Traveler Presents, a boutique promoter and marketer bringing cutting edge concerts to all the various clubs of Asheville.  In late 2014, he sold his interest in both AMH and The One Stop and went on to purchase The Altamont Theatre with business partner Richard Barrett.  Sam is the Talent Buyer and Director of Marketing and Promotions at The Altamont Theatre.

Richard Barrett – Owner / Sales & Operations Manageraltamont-richard

Richard was born and raised in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Brought up in musical household and community, he began playing music at an early age, and continued performing on into adulthood. His inherent love of the Appalachian culture and landscape led him to Asheville at the age of 22. In the summer of 2013, after several years of making connections through the local music community, and working in the service and event industries, he took over as sales and operations manager of The Altamont Theatre.

Richard immediately began working with soon-to-be couples, community organizations, and other event clients, on bringing in and creating incredible private parties at The Altamont, something the space had not previously been utilized for. In 2014, when the ownership opportunities arose, he partnered with Sam Katz and Chris Medrano to usher in a new era at The Altamont Theatre. Richard continues as Sales and Operations Manager at The Altamont, and can frequently be seen performing at both public and private events with local bluegrass group, The Greenliners.